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How we work with you on collateral material development.

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Each project is unique in order for it to be as effective and eye catching as possible. Client readiness, in terms of having all of the relevant material assembled, varies from project to project. First, we listen carefully so we can develop an understanding of your objectives. Then we evaluate the data and information you have assembled and assess whether more information is required. If additional research is necessary, we work with you to figure out solutions for getting it.


Next, we explore creative concepts and get your input. Once we have carefully extracted all the important details and all the questions have been answered, we are ready to begin developing the collateral materials.


Our work may involve the following activities (in draft or final version): writing and editing, conceptual development, campaign planning, and implementation planning. If needed, we also find contractors, obtain quotations from other service providers and use our entrepreneurial abilities to pull all the pieces together.

Here’s where we can add value: As transmedia marketers we are adept at translating your vision into collateral material that meets specific marketing objectives, reinforces branding and positioning goals, and builds credibility for your brand. The subtleties of the preparatory work that has been done with you leading up to this stage are now infused into the content. Our role then becomes that of your spokesperson, ensuring that essential transmedia marketing details are brilliantly translated by the creative professionals into the final collateral materials you envision. During this phase, you can trust that we are greatly conscientious regarding the creative design process, and have learned about you, your business, and the desired outcome adequately to act on your behalf should questions arise.


Our integrated transmedia marketing efforts are designed towards all promotional and marketing efforts – be it public relations, advertising, direct marketing, digital communications, social media, and other collateral materials. These elements are presented in a consistent tone and style, in order to consistently reinforce and fortify a brand from a variety of angles. All elements work together as a synergistic whole.


Experience has taught us that this type of program design maximizes not only the experience for the target end user, but cost efficiency as well.

Each aspect of our integrated programs operates effectively to increase your bottom line, both by increasing revenues and reducing operating expenses.


Our plethora of integrated marketing offerings includes three critical overarching services: strategic consulting and implementation, coordination and execution, and logistical and process support.

Our approach to integrated marketing and collateral materials emphasizes a powerful street smart, strategic component.

Prior to the launch of integrated transmedia marketing campaigns, we will consult with you, and provide guidance to you on issues such as:


• The particular types of communications elements, and the logistical and design components of each, that should be effectively incorporated into the overall integrated program.


• The timing of the integrated program – when it should launch, at what point each specific element should be introduced, etc., to ensure that the campaign reaches as large an audience as possible, but also builds upon itself, creating buzz and momentum that ultimately becomes self-perpetuating.


• The identification of the primary target audiences of the campaign as a whole, as well as the specific sub-sets of audiences which can most effectively be reached by particular program components.

• The development of the core messages at the heart of the integrated transmedia campaign.


The most effective, integrated transmedia marketing campaigns reflect a strategic understanding of the product/service and its market, as well as an intimate knowledge of your organizational culture, capabilities, vision, and personality.

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