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Transmedia Marketing

Transmedia Marketing: What is it?

Transmedia storytelling is a bold and exciting new arena for creativity and innovation that has already proven its potential to engage audiences in immersive stories and strengthen customer relationships.

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Transmedia Storytelling will


•  Immerse your audience in your story or brand


•  Tap into new and diverse revenue streams


•  Build loyalty and long-term relationships with your audience


•  Extend and enhance the narrative of your television, film or brand


•  Match content delivery with your audience’s content consumption habits


•  Naturally attract and build a large group of interested audience members,  and convert them into fans or customers


•  Replace “interruption” advertising and promotions with valuable branded content your audience will find useful and visit often


•  Share your limited content and resources among many platforms increasing your reach and content delivery diversity

The Benefits of Transmedia Marketing

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