My Experience Interning with MMG

It all starts with what you need and what you want, and then you go out and get that. As an intern at MMG I did not know what I wanted to do at first, the guidance and support that MMG has given me over these past months is amazing. I worked alongside Joe and Susan Arco learning the world of media and all the components that go along with it. My main focus was Social Media and Marketing; I learned a lot about the applications that you can use with different social media platforms and how to boost your brand name with Transmedia Storytelling.

What did I do?

The projects I’ve worked on range from blog postings for companies that work with MMG to going to job fairs and working the booths. I’ve had to learn to do thorough research and make sure my work is perfect and exactly the way I want it because when you post something on the internet, it’s out there. I just finished a series of blogs for MMG’s blog explaining how Neuromarketing and transmedia storytelling are marketer’s secret weapon. I worked two booths for MMG, one for internship and job opportunities at Rockford University and set up the interview process. The other booth I worked with MMG was for event planning, we went to Rockford Housing Authority, who happens to be one of their clients, and different people from business around town came in and asked us about what we could do for them as far as event planning goes. It was great to get experience with networking about the company and what they have to offer. I also had professional headshots taken to accompany my blog posts and to take with me for future reference, while taking those photos, Joe took the opportunity to teach me about photography as a little intro, he taught me about the different types of lights and where you want the shadows and highlights to be at with varying styles of photography.

What did I get out of it?

At MMG it defiantly wasn’t what I expected an internship to be at all. It was inclusive, and I was actually learning things instead of being told to do things. I sat in on conference calls and worked those booths, and it was a perfect introduction because I did not have any knowledge of the Marketing world before this experience with MMG. I think that I did great work and matured in my writing and communication abilities. I was involved in the day to day schedule and had a voice. If you go on the MMG website, on their blog page, you can read the blogs I’ve done and taken credit for. It was a great feeling being able to take credit for my work. I was also enrolled through MMG in a Transmedia course with the University of Sydney, Wales. I’ve had a small introduction to Hoot suite, E-blasts, and different ways to work and talk to my audience as well as a little Photoshop and graphic design. From all these little intros of things I’ve learned has helped me along the way catch things, like if we are promoting something I can look at a photo on a brochure and make sure the lighting and colors all flow well. MMG has taught me a lot in such a short amount of time, but it was all excellent information that I am now able to use in my everyday life as well as my professional life. Joe and Susan mentored me through all of these pieces that I had no idea about, my knowledge of Transmedia, Marketing and everything in between, is because of them.

Author: Serena Ahlquist

Social Media Marketing Intern

Neuromarketing and Transmedia Storytelling

In part one and two we looked at both of these topics; Neuromarketing and Transmedia storytelling. In this final blog, part three, we will discuss how these two things coincide and how they complement each other. Marketers are getting into neuroimaging methods to produce marketing, hence, Neuromarketing, marketers think that it will be a cheaper and more effective way to market and that it will give more reliable information to marketers faster by being able to see what consumers react to positively, not what they think they should like.

Neuroscience focuses on sensory processing by the way the consumers get informed, and the way they turn them into behavioral responses and transmedia storytelling has the opportunities to exceed customer engagement. Understanding human behavior and how we react to things is a massive part of any marketer’s job, so when you actually know what a person wants or how they perceive things it makes it easier to create a narrative that will be memorable.

So when you pair the two together, you can see science and art working together. As it turns out the discipline that we commonly call art, has many twists and turns as it meets the intersection where the crossroad of science converge. We think we’re these rational, logical thinking creatures but the actuality is, as the Neuromarketing scientists enlighten us, is that we commonly make subconscious, emotional decisions, sometimes even illogical ones, in one place in our brain and then suddenly a few nanoseconds later, we rationalize those decisions and process this in another place in our mind.

If you want really to inspire people’s decisions, behavior, and attitudes, you need to influence them in that other part of the brain where decisions are made. Accordingly, Neuromarketing scientists tell us that transmedia marketing stories are well-suited with communicating to that emotional processing part of the brain, whereas logic and telling people what is and lists of things that supposedly inform as well as persuade, don’t work.

Moreover, we all have great stories to tell through Neuromarketing. Many people do not know how to identify and share their best stories. Your narrative can mention your product, service, and similar topics; however, your ability to help should be the main character of the journey. You have a story worth telling, and it may take some time and energy to discover it. Once you unearth a story you want to share, make your story exceptional. The benefits of an in-depth, unambiguous and well-written story are immense. Notwithstanding, it should be an essential best business practice to enter into when developing your brand, product, or integrated service for your business.


Joe Arco, President of Multimedia Marketing Group:

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Serena Ahlquist


Social Media Intern for MMG