MMG has provided Marketing services in several capacities for Gorman & Company. First as a RAD Development Partner with our client, the Rockford Housing Authority, for three properties, Jane Addams, The Grove, and Orton Keyes.

Secondly, directly with Gorman and Company, to market and promote additional revitalization projects and RAD developments they worked on with other Housing Authorities and communities, such as Moline, IL, and the opportunity for them to become developers of a casino in downtown Rockford, IL.

A Comprehensive Portfolio of

Gorman & Company

Founded in 1984, Gorman & Company revitalizes communities through innovative housing partnerships with municipalities, governmental organizations, and nonprofits. Specializing in downtown revitalization through collaborative urban development, dedication to the preservation of affordable, public, rural, and workforce housing, and the adaptive repurposing of historically significant properties. 


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Garfield School

About this Filmed Documentary

A groundbreaking was held in Moline, Illinois on June 20, 2018 and the construction is currently underway to turn the former elementary school into apartments for low-income seniors by Gorman & Company. Garfield School on 25th Avenue, was built in 1901; an addition was added in 1955. The school closed in 2015 and coming in 2019, a remarkable new, affordable housing facility for seniors In Moline.

Saving heritage buildings from demolition like Garfield School is also important to the growth of the economy in the local area. “We’re taking an old building and giving it new bones and giving it a new purpose to house the aging population,” said Gorman & Company President and CEO, Brian Swanton. The school’s classrooms are being transformed into 57 quality affordable apartment units.  The former gymnasium is going to be a common area, including a multi-purpose room, kitchen and fitness center. Workers are also planning to build a three-story addition on the building’s east side. Gorman & Company has repurposed over twenty five other former schools.

This transformation, through restoration and renovation, is expected to be complete by spring of 2019 with an official ribbon cutting Ceremony to be held, when Moline residents can start moving in. Leasing will commence in February 2019. The redevelopment will be constructed to Enterprise Green Communities and Energy Star standards, using energy efficient appliances and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems designed to reduce overall operating expenses.

“We’re taking an old building and giving it new bones and giving it a new purpose to house the aging population,” said Gorman & Company President and CEO, Brian Swanton.

The developer – Gorman and Company – has also completed several other projects in Moline.


Gorman & Company works to revitalize communities through innovative housing partnerships as a trusted partner and respected industry leader since 1984. 

The Official Groundbreaking Ceremony at Orton Keyes

The Official Groundbreaking Ceremony at Orton Keyes affordable housing development was held on November 9, 2017 at 11:00am. Orton Keyes is a Public Housing development located on Rockford’s south side and is comprised of 175 units located in 49 2-story townhome-style apartment buildings constructed in 1972.

Gorman & Company, in partnership with Rockford Housing Authority, converted the development from Public Housing to private affordable housing utilizing Project Based Rental Assistance under HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program.

All residents remained in place during the renovations. The rehabilitation provided updates to critical systems, modernization of units, and retrofit of existing units to accommodate amenity enhancements and energy saving upgrades. A central laundry facility was added to address the current lack of any onsite laundry. Also, on site are two community buildings that house the Orton Keyes Head Start program and the Orton Keyes Boys and Girls Club, both of which serve the residents of Orton Keyes and the wider community. 

Gorman & Company worked with their valued Financial Partners, the Richman Group, IHDA and Citi which have assisted in providing a great residential experience for all residents by supporting the creation of innovative developments and financial strategic structures.

About Gorman & Company

Gorman & Company, Inc. specializes in revitalizing communities through innovative housing partnerships. As a trusted partner and respected industry leader since 1984, Gorman creates meaningful workforce housing projects that match community needs.  Gorman also offers expertise in downtown revitalization, the preservation of affordable housing, and the adaptive reuse of significant historic buildings. Gorman is consistently ranked as one of the top affordable housing developers in the county by peer organizations. Gorman & Company has offices in Denver, CO; Milwaukee, WI; Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; and Miami, FL. Learn more at    


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