Social Media

How we Make it Happen

STEP 1. We will help you take a deep dive into your brand identity and your brand reputation across all media platforms.

STEP 2. We will identify social media strategies to minimize dissimilar and disparate messages as we develop a more powerful Cultural orthodoxy brand that will reconnect with your audience.

STEP 3. We know that your brand reality is an important aspect of social media branding to create and connect to your customers. We devise and create a new plan for your brand identity as critical components of your organization’s brand equity strategy.

STEP 4. We then commence on interpreting, developing, creating, writing, visualizing, generating, and implementing Transmedia Stories across multiple social media platforms through our MMG strategy.

Why is Social Media so important?

Social media is considered one of the most in-demand web-based technologies that allow the creation and exchange of content generated by users. It enables marketers to connect with their consumers on various levels, and statistics show that social media marketing is on the rise. Social media is a constant. People are always online looking for services or entertainment. That’s why you and your brand should have a solid social media presence as well. Your brand’s platform is essential whether you are selling or producing content or services. It is crucial not only for your existing clients but for your prospective clients to see your work, services, and products. Social media presence is another way to get people to visit your website and other social media platforms; it is a way to connect, sell, and engage with individuals. A marketer often wonders how to be successful and gain a presence on these social networking sites, and MMG is here to help.

“The old classical marketing models of brand management pay insufficient attention to social media brand builders,  unfortunately placing more emphasis on external issues such as their corporate image losing out to their share of the market without utilizing cultural orthodoxy. In cultural content branding, the brand promotes an innovative ideology that breaks with category conventions. Cultural orthodoxy argues that reputation is a more appropriate external assessment of a brand than an image.”

J.M. Arco
MMG President

By providing and arming you with these four steps, you will now have new opportunities for future qualitative and quantitative measurements to add correct, accurate messaging and build upon your social media platforms in the future.

We will provide value to what your target market needs and help you give a new need that makes them want to reach for your services or products.

We will help you ascertain all the ways you can get Cultural orthodoxy through your educational empowered-based messages in front of your narrowly defined target social media marketplace.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” 

David Alston, author

Creating brand recognition is what social media is all about; business or just your personal brand; social media is where to do it. It is a quick, easy, free, and effective way to get your values and goals out there. The world is on social media now more than ever, people may not be thinking of your brand, but social media has them see it and start thinking about it. If people don’t know about your brand, how will they work with you?

“In terms of the spread of knowledge, and information the past two decades
have been as revolutionary as when early man harnessed fire.”


Kenneth Cukier
Senior Editor The Economist

Walking your walk

What the world is going through is making an impact on how people communicate and consume media, and marketers need a well thought out way to communicate with people through social media marketing. Of course, leading with cultural ideology in the mass market can be a double-edged sword. Your brand has to walk the walk, or it will be called out on every media platform.

Customer Perspective

Based on your consumer or customer perspective, we take into account the impact of all the cultural factors of message integration on social media platforms. A brand can sustain its cultural relevance by playing off particularly intriguing or contentious issues that dominate the media discourse related to an ideology or an event as the current COVID 19 pandemic or Black lives Matter.

“In terms of the spread of knowledge, and information the past two decades
have been as revolutionary as when early man harnessed fire.”


Kenneth Cukier
Senior Editor The Economist

So, the point of social media marketing for your business are the things listed above and also maintaining your social media platforms. Social media is a vast umbrella of many topics, meaning you have to manage and keep up with it.

If you think all of these things sound relevant and believe that social media marketing needs to be implemented into your brand, but you don’t have the time to manage and keep up, let Multimedia Marketing Group help. We have the assets and the experience to help your social media presence stand out not only with existing audiences but with new, prospective clients as well. We will manage posts and keep them up to date while still making your brand loyal to your core values. Reach out to us and complete our “get in touch with us form” you will receive a free white paper about knowing your brand’s MO and a response from our leadership team.