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Launch My Future

 Launch My Future as an extension of The Rockford Housing Authority is dedicated to the human services that assist Rockford Housing Authority clients and the community in processing life events, developing strategies, collaborative problem-solving, and economic self-sufficiency.

Collateral / Marketing Materials

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Resident Opportunities Self-Sufficiency Program Brochure

Family Self-Sufficiency Program Brochure

RHA Section 3 Compliance Brochure

LMF Filmed Productions

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Multimedia Marketing Group has been working with RHA for many years, tho view all of our filmed productions with RHA and LMF please visit: https://vimeo.com/rockfordhousingauthority

Launch My Future Logos

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We utilize emotion immediately when you arrive on the homepage with the slider backgrounds and the copy. This is a sister website for the Rockford Housing Authority. MMG, took resident content and educational programming empowerment to the next level with this dynamic and eye-catching site filled with large, high-resolution images and video.

The RHA site utilizes a multitude of video testimonials to keep up with the concept of educational empowerment through the Lifeforce Development Institute’s energy.

For example, there is a video testimonial section with subtle hover and transition effects to keep the user experience smooth and engaged.

The ‘featured sliders’ are thoroughly captivating. They do an excellent job of showcasing each of the content alongside exciting subject matter and informative details about available programs such as Section 3, FSS, ROSS, and LDI. The modern, responsive design is extremely user-friendly and quite trendy because of easy navigation in the header highlighting the main categories, clear and effective call to action, minimalistic, yet a very creative design.

The use of images accompanied by descriptive text explains for residents, services that make the content that much more real and relatable for people interested in the human services that the Housing Authority provides to the community. They drive the user to the Registration Page to get started today. All these resident service points get wrapped into a beautiful story of empowerment that is displayed on the homepage and throughout every page on the site.


Launch My Future