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The Rockford Housing Authority

The Rockford Housing Authority’s mission is to continue to create strategic partnerships with community stakeholders, design a diverse housing portfolio, leverage social service programming to unite and ensure residents are provided with safe and nurturing environments that lead to self-sufficiency, responsibility, and individual empowerment.

Collateral / Marketing Materials

Annual reports and collateral marketing materials are essential components for companies looking to establish a strong presence in the market. As marketing professionals, we understand the significance of these documents in portraying a company’s financial health, business strategies, and overall performance to stakeholders, investors, and the public. Annual reports serve as a comprehensive overview of a company’s achievements, goals, and financial data, instilling confidence and trust in shareholders and potential investors. 

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RHA Annual Report 2018 - 2021

RHA Human Services Brochure

2022 - 2023

RHA Strategic Plan 2018-2023

RHA Section 3 Compliance Brochure

RHA Five-Year Strategic Plan


RHA Becoming a Landlord Brochure

Infographic Analytics RHA 2018 - 2023



In the early summer of 2018, the Multimedia Marketing Group embarked on a transformative journey with the Rockford Housing Authority aiming to revolutionize their approach to communication and outreach. This partnership was born out of the recognition that in an increasingly digital and visually driven world, the power of graphic design and visual communication could be harnessed to enhance the RHA’s mission and message.

The last five years have witnessed the convergence of RHA’s vision, the strategic expertise of the Multimedia Marketing Group, and the pursuit of carefully outlined goals. This harmonious orchestration has yielded tangible outcomes that extend beyond statistics, encapsulating the spirit of progress, connectivity, and purpose.

The journey, however, continues, and the milestones achieved serve as steppingstones toward an even more impactful future for RHA and the communities it serves. The Document serves as a quantifiable outcome based on numerous measurements of the targeted RHA communication and marketing which is based on budget and investment outcomes.

As the chapters of RHA’s journey unfold, the milestones achieved thus far stand as solid steppingstones, leading toward a future brimming with even greater impact. The Rockford Housing Authority’s dedication to its mission, bolstered by strategic marketing and communication efforts, has set the stage for transformative growth in the communities it serves.

The subsequent pages offer a quantifiable testament to this journey, grounded in the realm of data and measurement. The outcomes presented are the result of meticulous evaluations, where RHA’s communication and marketing strategies have been assessed against the backdrop of budget and investment considerations. These quantifiable outcomes encapsulate the story of progress and resilience, providing a numerical illustration of RHA’s commitment to excellence.

As you delve into the ensuing pages, the numbers and metrics unveil the tale of strategic decisions, impactful execution, and the synergy between vision and action. The narrative woven within these pages speaks not only of what has been achieved but also foreshadows the potential that awaits.

Each figure, each percentage, echoes the dedication and determination that define RHA’s unwavering pursuit of its mission.

The journey is ongoing, and the milestones achieved stand as living proof that the path taken is indeed the right one. With each quantitative outcome, RHA propels itself forward, bridging the gap between vision and reality, and inching closer to the transformative future it envisions.

The pages ahead are a testament to the power of strategy, communication, and unyielding dedication in shaping a future that’s not only impactful but also inspiring.

About The Brewington Oaks

While even though the outer structure is made of concrete, after almost 50 years of continuous use, the RHA Leadership Team was now faced with the two buildings on the brink of infrastructure failure. The Rockford Housing Authority first announced the intention to demolish the property in 2018. At the time, occupancy at the buildings was at 42% and 90 of the 418 units were deemed uninhabitable. This was due to functional and technical obsolescence. The building’s mechanical, electrical and conveyance systems (elevators) performed poorly in comparison to modern standards, where energy-inefficient, and moving into the future may have become unreliable and unsafe. Such issues as roofing and original internal construction materials were deteriorating beyond repair. The annual maintenance, repair and replacement costs were accelerating and increasingly unaffordable. Bringing the aging structure up to today’s building codes to ensure the best for the RHA residents was always top-of-mind for the RHA Leadership Team.

The projected expense of saving and renovating Brewington Oaks whose poor physical condition, and most importantly, the long-term operational costs of maintaining the outdated space of this aging building, became cost prohibitive.

About the Marketing and Communication Opportunity

The Rockford Housing Authority possesses a powerful tool in the form of the Brewington Oaks Documentary. This appealing video chronicles the deconstruction of the iconic housing development, showcasing the RHA’s commitment to progress and community welfare. By strategically rolling out and leveraging this documentary, the RHA has driven community engagement, enhanced its brand image, attracted potential partners, and inspired positive change within Rockford.

The Brewington Oaks filmed presentation also represents an exceptional opportunity for the Rockford Housing Authority to drive community engagement, through a thoughtful rollout and strategic leverage, RHA has empowered its mission and leave a lasting impact on Rockford and beyond. With creativity and dedication, the RHA has used and invested this powerful storytelling medium to continue its commitment to collaboration, cooperation, and prudent decision-making for the betterment of the community.

About the Documentary

In the heart of a once-iconic housing development stood as a testament to the city’s history and resilience, Brewington Oaks, with its storied past, served as both a landmark and a reflection of the challenges facing urban communities. However, amidst the aging infrastructure and socio-economic disparities, a vision emerged – a vision for renewal, revitalization, and reimagining the future of Brewington Oaks.

Join us on a captivating journey of discovery and transformation as Multimedia Marketing Group proudly presents “The Deconstruction of Brewington Oaks: A Story of Transformation and Community Change.” Over the course of a year, MMG’s dedicated Production Team delved deep into the heart of Brewington Oaks, capturing key moments of its deconstruction.

Through breathtaking cinematography and insightful interviews, we invite you to witness the remarkable journey of Brewington Oaks.

But this documentary is more than just a chronicle of demolition and deconstruction. It’s a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and collective action. As Brewington Oaks undergoes its metamorphosis of land use, so too does the spirit of Rockford, united in a common purpose to create a better tomorrow for all.

At its core, “Unveiling Brewington Oaks” is a story of resilience and renewal. It reminds us that even in the face of transformation, there is always hope – hope for change, hope for progress, and hope for a brighter future.

Join us as we unveil the journey of Brewington Oaks. Together, let’s celebrate the power of community and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

RHA Filmed Productions

Filmed productions play a crucial role in shaping a company’s brand and enhancing community outreach. Through visually captivating videos, companies can effectively communicate their values, products, and services to a wider audience. These productions have the power to evoke emotions, tell compelling stories, and create a lasting impact on viewers. By showcasing the human side of a brand through videos, companies can build trust and establish a strong connection with their target audience.

Multimedia Marketing Group has been working with RHA for many years, tho view all of our filmed productions with RHA please visit: https://vimeo.com/rockfordhousingauthority

RHA Logos

Logos play a crucial role in establishing a business’s brand identity and conveying its values and mission to customers. A well-designed logo is often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of a company, making it a vital element in building brand recognition. It serves as a visual representation of the business and creates a memorable image that sets it apart from competitors.

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RHA InFocus Newsletters 2020-2024

Newsletters play a crucial role as a communication tool for housing organizations for several reasons. Firstly, newsletters provide a consistent channel of communication to keep residents, stakeholders, and community members informed about important updates, events, and news within the housing organization. This regular flow of information helps to build trust and transparency, fostering a sense of community and engagement among residents.

Secondly, newsletters can be used to showcase the achievements, initiatives, and success stories of the housing organization. By highlighting positive developments, showcasing resident accomplishments, and sharing valuable resources, newsletters help to promote a positive image of the organization and its impact on the community.

Additionally, newsletters serve as a platform for educating residents about important policies, procedures, and resources available to them. By providing relevant and timely information, newsletters empower residents to make informed decisions, access support services, and participate actively in the community. Overall, newsletters are an essential tool for enhancing communication, fostering community engagement, and promoting a sense of belonging within housing organizations.

The aim of the RHA InFocus Newsletters is to enhance awareness and comprehension of RHA’s mission and services among residents and the community. The INFOCUS Newsletter is dedicated to keeping community partners, RHA Staff, RHA Residents, and the Rockford Community informed about the organization’s progress. To view the complete list of RHA Newsletters please visit: https://rockfordha.org/newsletters/

RHA InFocus Newsletter 2020

RHA InFocus Newsletter 2021

RHA InFocus Newsletter 2022

RHA InFocus Newsletter 2023

Implementing Digital Signage

In the marketplace today, Digital signage occupies space in several different settings. Retail stores, restaurants, corporate spaces, public spaces, museums, sporting arenas, churches, academic buildings, and banking institutions, just to name a few. They may serve the purpose of wayfinding, branded messaging, marketing of products or services, and even up-to-the-minute news information.

The overarching goal of Digital Signage is to generate value, outcomes, experiences, and understanding for your clients, customers, and prospects in its many roles in the marketplace that are listed above. Digital Signage also secures, informs, and inspires the audience and or viewer of rich media content to form thoughts and opinions, often followed by action.

The focus of RHA programming is assisting and providing empowering insights. RHA residents often face complex challenges. The program provided here takes a multipronged approach to help our viewers. The content includes attention to diverse voices that speak to culture and the community.

For more information about MMG’s Digital Signage services, please visit: https://mmg-1.com/digital-signage/



The website has several key features and design elements that enhance user experience and engagement:

The RHA website is all about being able to conveniently find precisely what residents are looking for, to save, and to download. The site hits the nail on the head for all three of these points with its intuitive site links. It is easy for new users in the community to quickly select and search listings without looking through the whole site. We intended the user to be just one click away from anything she needed.

The Health and Wellness Resource page layout and visual treatment of the service’s section, F.A.Q. are also unique and act as a dynamic way to lead users to read more about the local, regional, and national support with hot links.

A grid-focused Blog and News page layout is organized in an assortment of recent articles we have written and posted for the housing authority. The RHA Blog and News highlight issues they have and are addressing with the current state of affairs, adding an extraordinary transparency level to the Municipality.

The large, full-width imagery and consistent use of the color palette and styling throughout the pages make for an incredibly uniform design that pairs very well with the color palate of the RHA logo and signet. Its stunning layout, visual imagery, and cool tone color palette. The use of consistent fonts across the website also helps keep it comfortable to read and modern.


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