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Why this White Paper?

As Transmedia Marketeers we’ve changed the way social media content and storytelling speaks to and represents our client’s businesses, always sparking the conversations that matter most with their prospects.

Of course, great work can only happen with great clients, so we thank all of ours for encouraging us to do the stuff Equally important to us every day, is to anticipate and Look forward to the opportunity of exploring your needs as well. Our simple promise to you in this journey of exploration, is that we will always strive to be real and relatable — walking the walk in all that we do. The passion and commitment to
that vision lives through everything we do.


Multimedia Marketing Group was started by people who wanted to make things they care about, and who took on the world with curiosity, radical thinking, and an audacious spirit.

We believe that transmedia storytelling today is and always we be a human story. Telling great stories starts with listening. We actively seek out the fascinating, the unusual, the compelling, and the unique business selling proposition to reveal the complexity of every communication situation for our clients. But finding human stories does not always have to mean something profound. When we are telling client stories, we pursue every aspect and expression of humanity from the funny and the unusual, to the one-of-a–kind, to create compelling communication for all our clients. Our mission is to always challenge our own preconceived notions and widen the world for our clients.

Marketing Optimization outsourcing can provide some amazing results by collaborating with outsourced marketing team members. Upon your review of the White Paper, we will be happy to take you through a no -charge, high-level overview of our Transmedia Marketing solutions and show you some effective ways that our services may serve your needs and take your organization to the next level.

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