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The City Of Roanoke Redevelopment And Housing Authority

The mission of RRHA is to take a leadership role in affordable housing and self-sufficiency programs, while investing in our communities.

RRHA Filmed Productions

Filmed productions play a crucial role in shaping a company’s brand and enhancing community outreach. Through visually captivating videos, companies can effectively communicate their values, products, and services to a wider audience. These productions have the power to evoke emotions, tell compelling stories, and create a lasting impact on viewers. By showcasing the human side of a brand through videos, companies can build trust and establish a strong connection with their target audience.

Implementing Digital Signage

In the marketplace today, Digital signage occupies space in several different settings. Retail stores, restaurants, corporate spaces, public spaces, museums, sporting arenas, churches, academic buildings, and banking institutions, just to name a few. They may serve the purpose of wayfinding, branded messaging, marketing of products or services, and even up-to-the-minute news information.

The overarching goal of Digital Signage is to generate value, outcomes, experiences, and understanding for your clients, customers, and prospects in its many roles in the marketplace that are listed above. Digital Signage also secures, informs, and inspires the audience and or viewer of rich media content to form thoughts and opinions, often followed by action.

MMG played a pivotal role in facilitating the prompt shipment, receipt, and accurate installation of the digital signage equipment for RRHA. Moreover, training sessions were conducted to familiarize employees with the software and guide them on uploading content to their respective streams.

For more information about MMG’s Digital Signage services, please visit: https://mmg-1.com/digital-signage/


The City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s site is an excellent example of one approach you can use to highlight your services to the community and the most essential points your target audience would be concerned with finding answers to. The site is incredibly community resident service-focused, so its users slowly become more and more immersed in the experience that the site provides them. The homepage clearly outlines the steps upfront, which is then further explained in individual sections and pages. These elements help create convenience for the user and provide speed. Attention to these details makes the website much more polished.

The municipality’s design, subtle sliders, and unique color palette make for a delightful and refreshing visual experience in a housing market that might otherwise have a very bland, corporate layout. Roanoke has done an excellent job keeping its website small, condensed, and organized. The website is a way to highlight the time and effort their Leadership Team puts into their services, and how it benefits the community at large.


The City Of Roanoke Redevelopment And Housing Authority