Multimedia Marketing Group had the opportunity to film and be on location for our client’s The Housing Authority of Champaign County’s YouthBuild Program. The YouthBuild program is a community-based alternative education program that provides job training and educational opportunities for at-risk youth ages 16-24. Youth in the program learn construction skills while constructing or rehabilitating affordable housing for low-income or homeless families in their neighborhoods. MMG had Serena Ahlquist, Transmedia Marketing Specialist, Blake Gribble, MMG’s Video Production Intern, and Abby Boyden, MMG’s Marketing Intern on site. Serena, Blake, and Abby had different jobs during the video shoot; Serena helped run the show and made sure that people were on time for interviews. Blake took photos of the event while helping our main videographer set up for the interviews, and Abby helped take pictures and videos for behind-the-scenes purposes. Let’s take a look at what their experience was working on an MMG filmed production shoot.

Serena Ahlquist, Transmedia Marketing Specialist

My duties at the YouthBuild shoot included making sure the intent of the vlog above was running smoothly, helping with interviews, and helping where I was needed. The Housing Authority of Champaign County is located about 3 hours away from MMG’s office in Rockford, so this shoot was amazing to be at; considering we have been working from home, it was nice to see the clients. The filmed production segment included interviews and shooting b-roll for three different videos; a promotional video, recruitment video, and an orientation video to show what the program is all about! Working alongside our main videographer and our interns was terrific, and it was great to see our intern’s curiosity grow.


Blake Gribble, MMG’s Video Production Intern

At the YouthBuild shoot I was placed in charge of recording the b-roll that we needed for another video that we would be making to branch off of the original video. There I tagged along with our videographer Steve and recorded him doing his work setting up, recording, and interviewing our clients at HACC. It was really exciting to be able to meet Serena and Abby for the first time in person, as well as being able to meet our clients who were amazing people. During this shoot I was able to practice more of my skills with recording, as well as being able to edit the footage together and create my own video with the help from more members of our team.

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