The Super Bowl Ads 2024

In the realm of advertising, the Super Bowl is the grand stage where brands unleash their most creative and captivating commercials to capture the audience’s attention. In 2024, the Super Bowl ads showcased a mix of the best and the not-so-great moments. Celebrities were in abundance, adding star power to the commercials, but some ads left viewers scratching their heads with confusing calls to action.

As we delve into the world of Super Bowl ads from 2024, it becomes evident that a successful commercial is not just about star-studded appearances but also about crafting a compelling story that connects with the audience on an emotional level. Brands that managed to strike this delicate balance reaped the rewards of a memorable and impactful advertisement.

Mountain Dew

Aubrey Plaza, recognized for her intense and unique deadpan comedy, navigates the ad with a carbonated citrus drink, maintaining her consistently dry humor. Plaza’s performance is reliably witty, and there is a subtle reference to “Parks and Recreation” towards the end. We love the fact that Mountain Dew took a spin on her humor, labeling her “Americas Sweetheart”


Google decided to showcase their new AI Camera through an emotional tale about a man with low vision. He captures his life in vivid photographs using a new feature of the Google Pixel. The story is heartwarming with a powerful conclusion.


Poppi, the trendy and nutritious soda option, created a buzz on social media last year and has now emerged as a significant contender. Their advertisement showcased fashionable young individuals in a dynamic split-screen video, promoting the virtues of their sodas from sunny Austin, Texas. It’s visually bubbly! We are completely loving this advertisement and the soda squad’s uplifting message.

National Football League

The NFL won over the hearts of the nation with a heartwarming commercial. Picture a young boy daydreaming about playing football weaving through a lively Ghanaian market with NFL stars. Fast forward to him joining an NFL training program meeting ex-New York Giant, Osi Umenyiora. Who knew his moves could rival the Chiefs or 49ers!


This ad has sent Beyonce fans into a frenzy today! Beyoncé, with Tony Hale in full “Veep” character, is on a mission to blow up the internet by transforming into a saxophonist, cyborg, Barbie, astronaut, and Botus. Brace yourselves, BeyHive, as we’re all on the edge of our seats thanks to her mysterious message: “How about the first women to launch the first rocket for the first performance in space?” Are we about to get NEW MUSIC? IN SPACE? Either way, Verizon said they wont break.


Aliens come to earth and can’t get our attention until they figure out how to get on the internet. It is handsomely directed by Martin Scorsese (working with the “Barbie” cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto), though it is not evident what is being advertised. Interestingly enough they turned their comments off, maybe because others were equally as confused?


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