Filmed Presentations With MMG


At Multimedia Marketing Group, we create a plethora of different media solutions. One of them is filmed productions, whether you need a product demonstration, a testimonial of your company from your clients, or a live event to be filmed. We can do it all; we have the cameras, the crew, the lighting, and a studio in house.

What’s a minute of video worth?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what’s a minute of video worth? If you do the math, you get something like 1.8 million words or about 6 days of non-stop reading. Online video is worth a lot more than we think. We need to figure out how to leverage video in everything we do to communicate our messages and to market our products, services, and brand. We need to begin to leverage video to enhance all of our digital marketing initiatives – from microsites, emails, and blogs to advertising, promotions, and social applications. (provided by

Every film, television, or video project we create is a unique and one-of-a-kind presentation. Based on content, audience, treatment, expectancies, and the resolve you envision – the ultimate response you wish to get from your audience, will be created. While the subject matter is very dissimilar from one client project to the next, it always needs to provoke an emotional response. Through script declarations and expose’ of the presenters, regardless of whether it is a professional actor or ‘real-life’ individual’s content interpretation. These presentations must have a particular obligation toward defining “truth of mission and vision”. We are a new set of eyes that will help cast your vision and direction to your project.

           MMG has many years of experience with filming and editing all styles of film. We produce broadcast video, corporate presentations, informative and branding, and long form documentaries. Video has become an essential part of the content on social media platforms and marketing techniques. Video is more engaging, and someone is most likely going to watch a video rather than read a 2-paragraph post. For example, YouTube has a massive content on the platform; people share, stream, and view millions of videos each day. Video for your company you can share your story, where you came from, how you got to where you are now, and show the customer who you and your brand are. Please visit our Filmed Productions page to see our past work and what services we have to offer:


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