We are often asked what we do to make a highly responsive, mobile-friendly, and modern designed Website.

As part of our media marketing content creation, we, as web developers, create, modify, and manage websites and web applications. We are responsible for programming your Website and designing its user interface.

We start with what we call a site map. We help you determine the overall page layout, dynamic graphics, text location on the page, and the color scheme of your site, navigation, and how pages will cross-link to one another.

Working with you and your team, we also help you choose the media for the site, including your logo, text, photos, illustrations, etc. Think of this as the “visual syntax artists” who create the branded image for your site. As copywriters, we will design, wordsmith, or edit the copy as you so desire.


In the larger picture, we help you determine how your Website fits into your overall marketing strategy, how and why it will interact with your social media platforms, and where to get more traffic and sales from your Website.

Our web developers keep your site up-to-date with renewed updates and new content in addition to layout design. Our designers rarely work alone. This is always a group endeavor. Our web developers regularly collaborate with the MMG Leadership Team and our strategic web partners to ensure your Website functions as intended. We do not make big decisions without your input. As web developers, we take on the responsibility for making sure your site looks and operates how it was intended to from the get-go!

This work entails more than coding and debugging. MMG is also designing, creating the front end with our graphic designers, editors, and writers. We are the line of defense between the world and your Website. Our job is to ensure the site looks beautiful, responsive, and functions properly across all mobile platforms. In short, we are what is commonly called in content creation business, Full Stack Developing.


Essentially this is your Website’s Front End, or if you will, what all your viewers and customers see. This job function is combined with what is called Back-End Development. Back End Development is the code on the “server-side.” We create the theme logic behind Front End applications and processes. By using programming languages, the Back-End Development codes maintain the site’s structure and allow your Front-End processes to function. For WordPress themes to function correctly, we incorporate widgets and plugins. They are put in place to ensure what you see is what you get. These are drag-and-drop content areas that can be added to the WordPress site when it is installed and activated. Once implemented into the site, these become social share buttons, blog post archives, audio or video player, a calendar, an image gallery, a navigation menu, and several similar options that you may have requested from us. These features include buttons, search bars, and other elements that your users will interact with. So, Full Stack Development is all the combined media and the development skills necessary to build and maintain all the layers of the final application of your newly created Website.


There are two types of website maintenance, technical support, and content upkeep.

MMG’s technical maintenance service is to maintain, improve and increase the WordPress platform’s ongoing functionality for the CMS capability, which is handling complicated web builds, including widgets and plugins that your Website functions with.

Your Website Plugins are the extensions installed on the server and activated to be used on the Website. The purpose of plugins varies greatly depending on what it is for. These may be your sliders or headers used by the pages on the site. Some will work in the background, with no need for additional options or settings, or updates. In contrast, others will add a new menu to the WordPress dashboard to allow the flexibility of customizing the plugin settings to suit your needs.

These may become outdated and will not function/operate, which we need to review or change on occasion for the site to work correctly once again. These examples are just some of the types of ongoing tech maintenance we will provide.

We also maintain and may need to add widget functionality to the site. These are drag-and-drop content areas that can be added to your WordPress site when its new updated plugin is installed and activated.

These also become outdated, which need to be reviewed or changed on occasion for your site to work correctly. These examples are types of ongoing tech maintenance we will provide for you.

Content updates (maintenance services) add items to your online calendars, such as all holidays for the year, board meeting notices, an upcoming event, updating or adding new photos, new pages, or an online store.


You guessed it! Your new Website is crucial to the ongoing success of your business. Our job is to really listen to you and create a site that reflects you and your business. And most importantly, keeps within your budget and your timeframe. 


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