How Webinars Have Benefited MMG

Multimedia Marketing Group has been working remotely since March of 2020. While this might seem like the new normal for most employers, it took some time to adapt and rethink working remotely. One of the ways MMG has utilized our time working remotely was through webinars. As humans, we are continually learning and adapting to new situations, and 2020 has proved that to be true. Webinars of all different topics have helped MMG learn about new communication tools, go about marketing in the new digital world, and put some new tools on our belts.

Webinars before 2020 were not commonly used the way we utilize them now. Webinars were first introduced in 1999; ActiveTouch rolled out the first webinar service with WebEx Meeting Center video communication and changed its name to WebEx the same year. From a selling standpoint, a webinar is a great marketing tool, especially in the COVID-19 era. From the perspective of MMG, webinars have given us the chance to discover new ways to market and service our clients.

During our time working remotely, MMG has been working on new services that we can provide for our clients, from profiles and personas to digital signage and content creation. When diving into our latest services, webinars were a big help in answering some of our questions and learning more about the service we are selling. Webinars benefited MMG by:

  • Learning from professionals– As stated, MMG has been developing new services to provide to our clients; while we have an in-depth knowledge base on these new services, webinars have been instrumental in providing us with additional information, knowledge, and skill.
  •   Developing our business- While becoming experts on our new services, we are at the same time evolving our company and client base. Webinars helped us learn lifelong information that separates us from the competition.
  • Affordability- All of the webinars that MMG has attended this year were free. All we had to do was sign up. Plus, the webinars are on average up to 30 minutes in length, so the cost of us watching, learning, and retaining information that will make a difference, in the long run, is insignificant. There is also no travel involved, just time and concentration.

In conclusion, webinars have highly benefited the MMG team, not only with the information learned but with the knowledge that we can service our clients to the best of our ability. Next time you see a webinar about your industry or a new skill that you would like to achieve, take the time to learn it and expand your knowledge base and possibly add new offerings to your company’s services.


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