With the start of a brand-new year, it is a perfect opportunity and so essential to look back on the year 2020 and reflect on what we are grateful for and have accomplished. There is something powerful about reflecting on an entire year of tremendous change for ourselves and the people we serve. We all have seen this year, attitudes ranging from extremely negative to extremely positive. According to the renowned psychologist Carl Jung, attitudes often come in pairs, one conscious and the other unconscious. Our preference here is to focus on all the perspectives of optimism and hopefulness.

A person’s attitude or an entire company’s culture is determined by many psychological factors like ideas, values, beliefs, or perceptions. At any given time, an accomplishment does not seem significant initially; however, even the smallest ones have helped us realize our contributions to help our clients reach small milestones; each time, this has been essential to provide a perspective. That those little successes are all part of the greater good makes us all know that it is why we are here in the first place. Our mantra of “how can we help, how can we serve” becomes very real to us. This feeling has helped our group persevere time and time again.

Yes, 2020 was accompanied by failures, or what we perceived at the time to be failures, have led us to more significant opportunities and new ways to serve our clients. Today, as we reflect and intentionally seek times to be grateful for, it has gotten us in the beautiful habit of seeing things in a positive light. We have learned that a positive mindset can get us as a team through anything!

Motivation and opportunity are really the determinants of attitude. Gratefulness has provided a vantage point and a new frame of mind. As we look back on all the things we have accomplished and the difficulties we’ve faced, we can now better set new future goals. Realistic goals, ones that are in line with our capabilities of working remotely, and those that will push us all outside of our comfort zone and help all grow. This approach to the new year is all about growth for us and the clients which we serve. We are grateful for the challenges we have faced this year. It has turned each experience, good or bad, into one that has taught us something valuable. That lesson is simply thankfulness. It has provided appreciation and encouragement. Perhaps Albert Einstein said it far best, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


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