Over the years you work with some spectacular clients. The last few years we have had the opportunity to work with Sauk Valley Community College, and they are no exception to the list. During this time we have completed a documentary of the 50-year anniversary of SVCC , numerous broadcast television commercials and plethora of web videos.

Speaking for ourselves and the client we have served it has been a marvelous journey that comes in disguise as something that is very important to the mission of both of our organizations.

“If someone asked me why I would want to work with MMG, I would say it is because they treat you like family. It is because these are not just anonymous people who will work with you once and are gone. I feel like we have established friendships and strong ties and that has made the process all the better,” Marketing Coordinator, Christina Pilling said.

SaukBlogIn our line of work which is ‘taking the invisible and creating the visible’ it is important to build lasting relationships. To amplify this further, we are not building relationships for the sake of building them yet for understanding that the time spent with SVCC is, as with all of our clients, invaluable.

“To me what’s important is the process, and it’s as important – to me -, as the final product. And I feel like what MMG has done for us is: we started with our vision and the story we wanted to tell; you didn’t try to reframe that story, you told our story from beginning to end,” said Steve Nunez, Ed. D., Dean of Institutional Research and Marketing.


It isn’t only about getting the facts right or the narratives correctly worded but the aspect that we are all learning new things every day together through the projects which we create in tandem with the clients we serve.

“Every time you are working with either establishing a new client relationship or a long-term client there are these “aha” moments. These moments are truly pivotal in every relationship because you can see that the client has learned something and without question helps us learn something here at MMG as well,” President Joe Arco said.


We are looking forward to the upcoming years working with SVCC, and are ready for the next exciting opportunity.

If you want to see for yourself, please check out Sauk Valley College’s video wall.


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