The Superbowl: Where Viewers Willingly Choose to Watch Commercials

With over a hundred million people tuning in to watch the NFL Championship, some of those viewers are just as eager to watch the ads. CBS stated that the audience included record digital numbers for a game and was marked by limited watch parties because of the pandemic. While many ads provided the comedic relief that is desperately needed in a time of crisis, a couple ads gave tribute to the essential workers that are sacrificing their lives every day. For whatever reason you watch the commercials, the Superbowl is a time where people can enjoy watching their favorite celebrities collaborate with various companies.

Five Commercials to watch again or enjoy for the very first time around!

  1. M&M’s- Saying “I’m Sorry” but with Flavor

Nothing says challenges and obstacles quite like the year of 2020. That’s why even in the toughest of situations, you can always make up for it with a bag of M&Ms (unless your Dan Levy, he’ll eat your friends).

2. Mountain Dew- John Cena and the $1 Million Count

 For the duration of the commercial, John Cena drives around what appears to be a town dedicated to Mountain Dew’s new product, Mountain Dew Major Lemon. Mountain Dew is offering $1 million dollars to anyone who can guess and tweet the correct number of bottles of Mountain Dew Major Lemon that were shown throughout the commercial.

3. Logitech- Defying Logic

Leading innovator of gaming technologies, Logitech, partners with Lil Nas X to demonstrate what it is to defy logic. Like Lil Nas X, creators and artists are creating their own realities by breaking through barriers and defying expectations.

4. Dexcom- Nick Jonas and Managing Diabetes

Nick Jonas utilizes his platform and experience with Type 1 diabetes to reveal how little to no technology is implemented in diabetes management. In the past, patients have to prick their finger multiple times a day to ensure they are maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Now with Dexcom, patients can forget the finger prick and monitor their glucose levels right from their smartphones.

5. Budweiser- The Bigger Picture

Instead of running an ad this year, Budweiser decided to use their airtime to raise awareness for the COVID-19 Vaccines. The message portrayed the “bigger picture” as we watched heartwarming and authentic moments of what life has been like throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Concluding Thoughts

Like 2020, Superbowl LV was unlike anything we have ever seen before and that includes the ads. This year ads brought a whirlwind of emotions ranging from crying of laughter, to bringing tears to your eyes. No matter what 2021 has in store, we are looking forward to what the next Superbowl brings!



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