Lance Gulotta’s Summer Reflection

My name is Lance Gulotta and I’m a junior at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I am double majoring in Public  Relations and Advertising.Through my internship at Multimedia Marketing Group I gained valuable experience and learned many useful skills. I also became familiar with the environment of marketing, advertising, and public relations. The Valuable skills I gained and improved on from this experience were creative writing, social media marketing and advertising, promotional and informative blogging, public relations, collaboration and client relations. The environment of marketing, advertising, and public relations can be fast paced and time sensitive. Working with promotional blogs and social media marketing was a great learning experience. I saw how these projects were time sensitive and had to be of high quality to create the reaction the client wanted. This could be challenging at times, but it really helped me to gain different professional perspectives. Working with a veteran like Joe Arco, you get to see all the different ways a project can go. He showed how there isn’t an exact right or wrong.  This makes the task more challenging, but also more interesting. The experience I gained working in this environment was very helpful for preparing me for the future.

I gained many valuable skills and experiences from this internship as well. I got to use a spectrum of social media marketing strategies while working on daily promotional post for our clients. Working with the vision of the clients was sometimes a challenge but with the more experience I gained the more efficient I became at helping them structure their vision. Working with a team became very smooth once we all learned what skills we had to bring to the table and it became a team environment very fast. Experiencing how meetings are in this field was great.

They helped to build our teamwork and communication skills. Also, with having to work on the projects in a timely manner, we had to become very familiar with the tools and software used in this occupation. The tools don’t do the work for you, but they help you to take on more projects. The experiences gained in this area were very beneficial in helping me to see how this part of the business sector operates.

One of the most important and biggest learning experiences I had was working on the Rockford Housing Authority project.  This was a large campaign that turned out very well. It taught me how to see the perspective of the client and not just see what the public sees. Through this experience it really helped me want to tell the story of this client and through that came some really good work that helped the project have the success that it had.

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An Internship Provides a Valuable Experience and the Introduction to your Career. Multimedia Marketing Group provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop skills in video production, audio production, graphic design, web design, public relations, editorial and technical writing, business administration, and marketing. We individualize each internship is based on which skills you wish to learn or develop. As an intern you will attend client meetings in order to learn about client-business relationships and voice your opinion toward the best production plan for the client. You will gain hands-on training, be in charge of completing projects, and learn how to interact within the corporation. This is a great opportunity to learn more about who you are. The life experiences we all go through are what shape us and our future. Your internship will not only inspire personal development, but will provide greater understanding of your goals and aspirations.


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