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What is StoryBrand? It is your brand and its uniqueness mixed with your brand’s story. We tell stories all the time. It may be in business or our personal lives; stories are in our everyday lives. Transmedia storytelling is a way to tell compelling stories that travel across all media platforms and is an excellent way to show your brand’s story. With transmedia storytelling, you can create corporate stories that you can use to define social influence, social perception, and social interaction. In this blog, we are looking at how transmedia stories and StoryBrand come together to influence your target audience and why it is vital to your business.

What is Your StoryBrand

Your branded story needs to identify a problem for your customers and offer a solution. One of the reasons people visit your website or social media pages is because they have a problem and believe your services will help solve the problem. Your brand also needs to be indicated of what you do and what services you provide. It can also be the motivation for you to start your business and why you continue to do it every day.

Why Story Branding Matters 

A great StoryBrand can help you stand out and is a great way to becoming more personal with your audience. It is a way to inspire people to act. We tell stories to necessarily get people’s attention, whether to inform, describe, convince, or persuade the listener. With your StoryBrand, you want to get a physical reaction from your audience. You want them to talk about what you have just shared with them, get chills, or butterflies in their stomach. You telling a story to your audience will be more compelling than just posting something about your product; tell them about the journey you took to release it or why you think this is the right product and why they want to purchase it.

Transmedia Storytelling and Your Brand 

So how do these two things connect to make amazing StoryBrand content? Transmedia storytelling is the art of immersing viewers in a story that can be experienced across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. This is an excellent tool to use when making your StoryBrand. You can use this to make your brand’s story stick out and be unique, while still keeping it true to your company’s values. When you use transmedia storytelling, you are continuously evolving with newer technologies and ways to share your story across all social media platforms and interact with your audience.

Where is Your StoryBrand Headed? 

Brand storytelling is the now and the future of marketing. People will engage more with you and your brand with storytelling on your side. Taking what you’ve learned above and implementing it might seem like a challenge, but it will all be worth it for your brand. Multimedia Marketing Group specializes in Transmedia Storytelling for your brand; here are the steps we take:

  1. Let us help you tell the right story: What we really do well and love to do is help you tell the right story, in the right place, from start to finish. By taking your StoryBrand to find media platforms where your story has the best opportunity to be seen and to be heard.
  2. With you all the way, start to finish: We help you discover your qualities and attributes. What is the way that your brand or the ways that your business can interact with your customers’ or clients’ lives to improve them?
  3. Delivering your groundbreaking content: Assistance to tell your story in a way that will inspire people to act! Our tools are the written word and design visualization, delivering your groundbreaking content that has embedded Visual Syntax, Semantics & Pragmatics for your branded stories and visual presentations.

At MMG, our goal is to help you become the most successful brand you can be. Let us help you find your story, fill out our form on our get in touch with us page, and receive a free white paper about knowing your brand’s MO. Check out our StoryBrand page here: We hope to hear from you soon!



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