A Perfect Storm – 7-30-2014

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With one phone call, Comtech Multimedia Marketing Group was requested to the scene of something miraculous. The City of Rockford, With the help of Jeremiah Development and Home Depot are presenting disabled career veteran Anthony Birdwell and his family an opportunity that seemed impossible just days earlier. On September 9th, 2014 a set of keys will be turned over to the Birdwell family and their new life will begin as first time homeowners.

Misfortune struck Anthony Birdwell’s life when it was discovered that he had a tumor on his spine. Upon a rushed surgery and recovery, Bridwell could no longer serve his country like he once had. Accompanied by his wife Kerry’s troubled pregnancy, the families struggle became great as they had lost their home and moved into shelter care.

“Its a perfect example to make an impact on somebody’s life that couldn’t be done any other way,” said Chad Forrester, Store Manager at Rockford Home Depot, whom is at the head of this effort.

Upon receiving their new home, the Birdwells have big plans. Anthony will be attending Rockford Career College to study business. Anthony’s son Gavin, age 7, will be attending Haskell school, a year-round school that is just a walk away from their new home.

The impact of this project has touched us all here at Comtech MMG as well. As production intern Abby Bakke reflects, “To know that you get to be apart of this and help these people is truly an honor.”

Comtech MMG is filming this impact to be made into a documentary, and by utilizing several forms of Transmedia storytelling, transcending this story across several platforms of social media as well as through public and community relations. We are keeping our you informed and up-to-date with the entire project with weekly videos, photos, and highlights. From the impact Anthony and his wife Kerry and how the Birdwell’s grow as a family throughout this incredible journey, to the many volunteers and organizations that are coming together to contribute to this great gift, and also the impact that the project is making on the Rockford community as a whole, you can follow us every step of the way.

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