The production of C.I.D. (Center for Innovative Discovery) exhibits both the creative core of Rockford as well as its innovative abilities in the scientific and technological fields. By releating educational information in the form of dramatic representation, the final product of CID will embody a perfect balance of art, entertainment, and science.

The C.I.D. pilot dramatizes a former professor working as a scientific investigator for the Center for Innovative Discovery. Located in Rockford, the Center for Innovative Discovery is a “gun for hire” firm that researches scientific discoveries and problems, as well as new technologies.

The pilot stands as a first in a 13-part series intended to spark a significant interest in various scientific fields, much like the interest the explosive C.S.I. series and its spin-offs have elicted in forensics. C.I.D. can become a means to expand scientific innovation and technological applications, both within its city base and beyond.

The C.I.D. pilot is a co-production of Rockford Area Ventures and Comtech Corporation.


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