Motion pictures have evolved tremendously since they had first began. Think about the first animated movie you have ever seen. Now think of the most recent. They are tremendously different, aren’t they?

A motion picture started off being up to one minute long, and now they are no shorter than an hour. Can you imagine sitting down to watch a movie and it was only a minute long? You would probably want to do something else with that one minute of your life.

Once you finally get to sit down for the day you want to be there for more than one minute. In this century people pay ten dollars at the lowest to go sit in a big room for an hour and watch an extremely long film

Personally I would go to the movie theater every night if I could to see a new movie. You can get the whole effect
with the big screen, and the loud sound system. Toyogeki-Movie_Toyooka002

Dating back to the 1920’s a motion picture was considered visual art, rather than a source of entertainment. Looking at today’s motion pictures would you still consider them to be a form of visual art? Now, movies are considered a source of entertainment.



Along with the film starting off to only be as long as a minute, there were also no sound to them.

 (iconic clock scene from Safety Last! )This century’s people are considered millennialists with people who like action and an abundance of extra things going on when they sit down to watch a movie or television show.

Never will I watch a silent film just for the fun of it. I know that I have a short attention span and that would not go over well. Until 1897, each film was in one frame. This is when the panning shot camera was built.

Tieing into this is the production staff. If you only have one camera that shoots one frame you might only have one to two people working on the film. Film productions now are much more elaborate, with a huge staff and divisions where each person has a different job to complete.

In film production today, there are special effects and different editing groups that each have a job to do. Back in the 1890’s films could be produced with a lot less extravagance. Originally the motion picture was produced by film on a reel, as to now they are mostly digital. You can now even shoot a video off of your mobile device. So what would you prefer a film that is short with no sound and not one effect, or a present day film?




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