Hallie Welsh’s Summer Reflection

At the beginning of this summer, I decided to take an intern position at Multimedia Marketing Group. Although I didn’t need an internship for class credit, I wanted to amass as much real world experience in the marketing and public relations industry as possible before I graduate next year, and I knew what an internship would be the perfect way to do so.

I had interviewed with a wide variety of agencies before decided to come aboard the MMG team.  Although I was impressed with many of the corporations I had the chance to visit, none of them seemed to be the right fit for me. However, as soon as I interviewed with Joe and Susan, I knew that MMG would be my home for the summer.  It was evident very early on that MMG had the best resources available with which to help me learn and grow as a young professional.

Going into this internship, I had very little experience working in an agency setting outside of my school organizations.  I was initially intimidated by the idea of producing work for paying clients and maintaining the quality of work that MMG has grown to be known for.

However, upon my first day at MMG, I realized that all of my hesitation was baseless. I was welcomed with open arms by Susan, Joe and the rest of the interns.  They were all there, each day, helping to teach me and support me in my professional endeavors.  Our easy rapport and helped give me confidence in my client work and aided in my quality work production.

Throughout my time here I have come to learn much more than I had ever expected. I came into this internship hoping to expand my public relations and graphic design skills, but have come out the other side more informed and experienced in fields such as marketing, web design, creative writing, client relations and film production as well.

Susan and Joe have built up an impressive portfolio of marketing work over the past couple decades and it was a pleasure to be able to learn the ins and out of the marketing industry from such seasoned professionals. Under their tutelage, I expanded my marketing vocabulary, I gained a more thorough understanding of what goes into the creation of marketing campaigns and I was given the opportunity to explore emerging marketing trends.

In addition to my marketing education, I also learned a great deal about graphic and web design.  Paula’s insights provided me with a more comprehensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite programs and their capabilities as well as the various strategies involved in creating a working website.  Her direction was incredibly insightful and will surely be of great benefit as I continue my professional career.

During my time here, I also came to learn a great deal about the fundamentals of creative writing.  Through MMG’s blogs about the Pillars of Storytelling, my experience with working on Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) and MMG’s blog campaigns and the group’s emphasis on client narrative, I began to understand that the primary function of any marketer is to assist companies, organizations and individuals in bringing their story to life and creating avenues for others to see and understand their story as well.

Through my time at MMG I also learned a great deal about client relations, primarily through my experiences with the Illinois Crisis Prevention Network (ICPN) and RHA.  I came to understand that clients can often have a very different vision and approach than you.  Through this internship, I came to embrace those differences and did my best to learn how to find common ground through creative collaboration.

Lastly, MMG provided me with the unique opportunity to learn more about film production. Previous to this internship, I had no experience with film.  I had never been around cameras or the production process. However, within the first few days at MMG I was exposed to the processes of both working the production equipment and the strategies involved in being infront of the camera as well.  These are experience I will take with me and value throughout the remainder of my professional career.

In conclusion, my time at MMG has been everything I hoped for and more.  I am incredibly thankful for the people here and all that they have taught me, and I am excited to see where this experience will take me in the future.

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An Internship Provides a Valuable Experience and the Introduction to your Career
Multimedia Marketing Group provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop skills in video production, audio production, graphic design, web design, public relations, editorial and technical writing, business administration, and marketing. We individualize each internship is based on which skills you wish to learn or develop.

As an intern you will attend client meetings in order to learn about client-business relationships and voice your opinion toward the best production plan for the client. You will gain hands-on training, be in charge of completing projects, and learn how to interact within the corporation. This is a great opportunity to learn more about who you are. The life experiences we all go through are what shape us and our future. Your internship will not only inspire personal development, but will provide greater understanding of your goals and aspirations.



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