One of the four principles of storytelling is Authenticity. Authenticity is reality and people want reality. In our day and age, having a level of authenticity with your brand will allow you to connect more quickly and effectively with your consumers.

One problem that can sometimes be found in flawed marketing plans is presenting too much information for your consumers to digest. When you lack a focus to your brand, it lessens the impact your marketing has. The most successful marketing campaigns focus on single or condensed messages/stories for their particular brand across multiple platforms. If your company is selling sneakers, there’s absolutely no reason you would ever want to bring up another product in your marketing that is completely unrelated such as toothpaste.

Another facet of keeping a brand authentic is in how you utilize recognizable emotional attachments. Super bowl TV commercials frequently have a good grip on this; including pop culture references, social memes and fads of the current time, timeless classic film references, and even simpler visual connections such as a family seated around a dinner table; these types of visceral connections allow for a consumer to quickly associate a product emotionally.

Exploiting your product with a focused marketing campaign across multiple platforms is a final step in establishing your brand in a given marketplace. When you combine a principle such as authenticity and incorporate it into your marketing plan, it will allow you to achieve the next level in a Transmedia Marketing experience.

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