The third principle of Transmedia storytelling is relevancy. Relevancy is the degree to which your product and brand are connected to a consumer and have meaning or relevance to them. Knowing how to leverage relevancy in your marketing campaign will help you have a wider appeal with consumers.

Studies have shown that the human mind is wired for stories. They connect us directly to values and principles in life, while also adding an element of entertainment. Relevancy is important because it can inspire loyalty and promote your company beyond that of a simple product. Some consumers won’t buy a product necessarily for its function but rather for its social appeal or self-definition value. Companies that have a name for excellence, or are recognized as front runners in charitable endeavors will attract a following and loyalty to the company, even if there are cheaper alternatives of a similar product from a rival company.

Relevancy is able to give your company that personal and humanized attention. Being relevant in today’s society can help your company immensely because people want to be connected. Being able to define who you are as a company, and what your image is will allow you to make those important connections and market effectively, as you apply the principle of relevancy to your Transmedia marketing experience.

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