We’ve had another exciting privilege here at Multimedia Marketing recently: Creating, designing and getting to shoot, edit, and produce Branded Television commercials and a magnificent series of web filmed presentations for our client, Sauk Valley Community College.There have been some long, but very rewarding days of filming and we have enjoyed being able to meet the numerous and exceptional students, alumni, and faculty members and hear their unique stories. We recognize that every individual at Sauk Valley College has made an impact on the school and that is what we set out to capture.

It is disturbing how many students across the country have been unsatisfied with their college education experience but we were deeply amazed by how many students and alumni had nothing but the highest praise for this place of learning. And as each of our interviewees (the students, alumni, and faculty members) shared their personal perspective on SVCC and education as a whole, it became a learning experience for us too.



Education is not about a dorm rooms, a prestigious name, or ivy-laced brick walls. Education is about teachers who understand that learning is a path that is unique to each individual and who are willing to travel that path with each student. Education is also about students who are thirsty for knowledge and want to take what they learn both inside and outside of the classroom and make it a part of who they want to become. That’s what we’ve found at SVCC, a college that believes that success comes through team work. Everyone at Multimedia Marketing also shares this same view! We work together to coordinate each of our team members to both effectively and poignantly tell SVCC’s story.



Scott and Alex, our camera team members recognized the significance of the opportunity to be a part of showcasing SVCC. “Working on set and recording the background roll for the commercial; I noticed how the students, faculty, and everyone else that participated had this great positive energy and were willing to help in anyway.  In return I felt very motivated to capture the best possible footage to represent Sauk Valley. This project didn’t feel like a traditional commercial…it was a chance to capture the special bond of a great school community and their success which continues to thrive for so many years. For me, it was a very enjoyable experience to be a part of this project” said Alex.


MarciOsborn STILL


“I really enjoy getting to shoot video at Sauk Valley. They always go above and beyond to help everything go smoothly and make our job that much easier. It really makes me strive to get the best footage I can to help tell the story they want to tell. Every time we have a shoot at Sauk it’s also incredible to see how much the students, staff, and even the alumni (who interestingly often seem to become employed there) have such a passion for the place and like being there. That just makes the experience that much more satisfying and fun for me” said Scott. “I really enjoy being able to help promote a school that provides such a great education for students and to see that they are so satisfied with where they are at in life because of Sauk…it’s inspiring” said Abby, yet another member of our camera team.

It is unmistakable that education is a life-long journey and as multimedia creators we understand that the more you can learn, in any situation, the better you can become at your craft. Never stop learning!





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