Successful online marketing isn’t just about the process of optimizing your site or searching to view a video — it’s about one simple thing– storytelling. When web videos incorporate narrative elements, they increase astonishing interaction rates and the audience’s willingness to consider your product or service. Simply put, they react, or even commence in making a buying decision. Great marketers know that nothing tells a story better than filmed presentations. The power of storytelling through sight, sound and motion is the reason why filmed presentations are the fastest growing form of online marketing. Incorporating video and storytelling into filmed presentations is the theory of transmedia storytelling.

Rockford Housing Authority: Jane Addams Grand Re-Opening from Comtech MMG on Vimeo.

Before we dive into the details concerning the communication of storytelling in media, we first want to introduce the concept of transmedia storytelling through our videos. Whether you’re looking to find new sales prospects, nurture leads already in your pipeline or engage your customers in a more meaningful conversation, Multimedia Marketing Group can readily develop and implement programs that maximize your marketing investment. The following videos are examples of storytelling implemented in filmed presentations.


The Bow-Tie March Four Year Anniversary from Comtech MMG on Vimeo.


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